Swappa Gaming is an all-new place for buying and selling used games

For long, Swappa has been a cozy and efficient marketplace to buy and sell used gear. There work is to maintain the market with a healthy environment is remarkable which assist both buyers and sellers in smooth functioning. But Swappa wasn’t like this from start. It was established as a site that facilitates swapping of phones but later expanded its reach to allow buying and selling of many other gears as well. It is today the best place where you can expect to get the best price for your used gear including used phone and many such equipments. From a platform to swap used phones, Swappa expanded to Tablets and very soon included many other categories. The current categories included on the website includes mobile, laptops, Macbooks, Chromebooks, watches, wearables, and VR headsets. 

From time to time, Swappa has brought many changes in its functions, offering, and other features. However, the latest push by the platform is being considered as the biggest revolution ever. Swappa is all set and ready to exploit the gaming market. With Swappa Gaming, it is now possible to buy and sell old used games.

Swappa Gaming: A Gaming Lover’s Paradisep>

Swappa Gaming is what a gamer always wanted. It is a marketplace that allows easy and hassle-free trade of used games. Whether you are looking for a buyer to sell your game or a seller to buy a game for your own, all you need to do is log-in to Swappa Gaming, search the game by the name, platform or any other specification, choose the best price you wish to buy or sell and there you are with a game or a lot of money with you.

As a seller, you can quote the best price as per the worth of the game. However, you also need to put us a proof that the gaming disc is in its best condition or indicate the minor flaws that a buyer must know before buying.

The New Gaming section by Swappalists consoles, video games, and accessories. At present, there are many categories under which one can sell used games. These categories include Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Retro Gaming and more.

Unique features of Swappa:

Just like its other categories, Swappa comes up as a unique platform for selling and buying used games. Some unique features of Swappa Gaming include:

It is people-powered:

Yes, there is no other authority than the users. you buy and sell directly to the users. This means you know whom you are selling or buying and there is no middleman. So, you can get the best item as well as the best price.

It supports free selling:

If you are a seller, you do not have to pay anything to be a part of Swappa. It is a free platform for sellers. However, if you are a buyer, you may need to pay a small amount of money, not every time but according to the terms and conditions. This fees is included in the sale price. No matter what, it still is a cheaper platform than many other sites.

Easy and swift payments:

You enjoy a swift payment support thanks to PayPal, Swappa Gaming payments partner. Buyers feel safe when they trade as the payment is received before you actually ship the product. It is a part of protective features of PayPal.

Hand-picked items:

Swappa is very particular about their user’s satisfaction. This is the reason you will never find anything junk on their platform. There are a set of listing requirements that each user willing to sell a used game has to fulfill in order to feature its product on the platform for sale. Once fulfilled, these requirements are thoroughly checked and only after approval, an item is put on the platform for sale.


Excellent payment support and transparency:

>Besides the payment support for buyers (mentioned above), Swappa is also fair for the buyers. The payment is transferred to the seller only when the buyer confirms that the game received is exactly as described over the platform. The Swappa’s dedicated staff & forum crew ensures that the experience is satisfactory for both the sides.

Swappa is targeting to have all the best gaming and consoles category online for its users. The categories might appear vacant as of now but they are filling in fast with each passing day. You can search your favorite Nintendo game or an Xbox series to check if it is available for half of the price of a new one.

Swappa sure is making gaming lovers happy, it is now to see what the platform will include next to have more user’s on board and to cater to their requirements with best quality, reliability and user experience.