How you can Use Android Smartphones to Access WhatsApp Payments

Finally, the moment has arrived for which we have been waiting for as WhatsApp Payments services have been launched by the app. Like its business equivalent, the payment services of WhatsApp s for the users in India. Based on UPI, a Unifies Payments Interface, the development of this service is credited to the NPCI, National Corporation of India which has made the process of transactions between 2 UPI accounts really simple and instant.

While the payments service has a new addition with WhatsApp, there are other messaging apps that have already conquered the field. Apps such as Line and WeChat have already gained popularity. However, the credit for using the UPI for payment services actually goes to Hike Messenger. From the user base of 1.5 billion over the world, India has got a striking 200 million monthly users that are active on WhatsApp.

It is expected the WhatsApp payment services will gain much fame and become a leading name in the industry. With the QR-based option for payment missing in WhatsApp, there are still some changes needed before bringing out the beta version of WhatsApp Pay.

Getting Options OfWhatsApp Payments On Android

Follow these steps to ensure the successful process:

  • Confirm that the feature has its limitation to the beta testers only. Also, you have to have a version 2.18.43 of WhatsApp. For those who are not beta testers installing the WhatsApp apk file and downloading it will do
  • After installing, go to the ‘Payment’ section in the attachments page. You could also get the section in the settings page of the application

Creating A UPI Account For WhatsApp Payments

Follow these simple steps:

  • Get a mobile number having the code +91 and also get a bank account linked to the same number
  • Create a virtual address for making the payments after agreeing to the Terms and Privacy Policy that the service has to offer
  • Verify the phone number when WhatsApp sends a confirming SMS
  • Select your bank and verify the rest. Click on the account for completing the entire setup

Adding The Bank Accounts

Follow the simple steps to ensure that more bank accounts are added to the WhatsApp payments:

  • Click on the ‘Payments’ section in the settings location of WhatsApp
  • Click on the option for adding an extra account
  • Repeat the procedure for adding more

Removing The Bank Accounts

Take care of these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Payments’ section of the settings page on WhatsApp
  • Find the bank accounts that were previously added
  • Tap and remove the bank account that you don’t need by clicking on the ‘Remove’ option

Making QR-based payments is not really an option that has been added to the payments services of WhatsApp. However, changes are being made.

Paying The no-WhatsApp Accounts With WhatsApp Payments

This process is for making payments on the exterior of the WhatsApp without the QR-based payments. All you have to do is follow some steps:

  • Go to the settings page in WhatsApp and visit the ‘Payments’ section. Select your account for making the payment
  • Tap the menu button situated in the top right corner. Select the option for paying with the help of UPI ID
  • Add the UPI ID for making the payment
  • Enter the desired amount that you need to send after verifying the account
  • Feed the PIN that further authorizes the payment to be sent

WhatsApp is still considered to be a new player when it comes to payment services. WhatsApp users have the ability to send the money to all UPI users but they only are capable of only receiving the money from the WhatsApp users. The beta stage is the start and there are no complaints as of yet. As more information starts arriving, there will be more updates about the WhatsApp payment services.