How to remove Sent WhatsApp Message From Android Phones.

First of all, I like to thanks WhatsApp for introducing features like “Delete for Everyone” which let us delete the sent messages which were sent by mistake on your Android, iPhone and windows phone.

Let me tell you that WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” feature lets you eliminate sent Images, text messages, voice messages, contacts, Gifs, Locations, replies, etc. make one thing clear that it works only if both the devices have updated and the latest version of WhatsApp application. And the most fantastic thing is that you can remove the wrong message from both individual and groups. But please also keep one thing in mind that it will allow you to delete the message if you delete it within seven minutes of time. Once that time expired, you can’t remove that Text, image or any WhatsApp content.

Note: Please be sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp app installed on your phone. So please follow these steps for updating WhatsApp. Simply Open Play Store → Updates → WhatsApp and then update the app

Steps For “Delete for Everyone” functionality usage:

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone.

Step #2. Now, you need to open the chat in the topic.

Step #3. Next, tap and hold the Content

which you sent incorrectly.

Tap on Sent Message You Want to Remove from Android or any other Device.

Note: If you are willing to remove multiple sent messages which were sent wrongly by you. Just select them all at once because you know that you need to remove them within seven minutes of time after posting.

Step #4. On your Android device; you will have to tap on delete button at the top of the screen.

Step #5. Now, you have another three options:

  • Delete for Me: It will delete the message only on your Phone
  • Delete for Everyone: It completely deletes or removes the sent message both on your Phone and your receiver’s—both in group chat as well as an individual.
  • Cancel: You can leave process from here.You need to Select “Delete for Everyone.”

Delete Sent Content in WhatsApp on Android

That’s it! You have successfully saved yourself and deleted that mistakenly sent content.

After that, the contents you deleted from all the devices will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in all recipient’s chats. And you also will see “This message was deleted” on your device. This means we have removed that Perfectly from all devices.

You can use these same steps to delete more such wrongly sent messages.
I notice “Delete for Everyone” is going to be very useful as it allows us to correct our mistakes.