Why Learning Android is Easier Than iPhone Developing ?

open source operating system and we can use this os in multiple devices like Television, phone, car, camera and many more product. And the main thing is that it’s powered by the Google.

Here is a simple definition of the android described as above. But when we want to learn mobile platform developing, there’s always a question like                                

“Why android?”

“Why I should learn this mobile platform”

 “Is it good for me to learn the android?”   

And this blog is only for giving you the answer of this all the question. We are going to see that why one should start learning android in spite of any other mobile platform. And why android mobile platform is better than any other mobile platforms. Before knowing the android let us see what other platforms are up to. Let us see the little differences between some other platforms V/S android platform with the eyes of new developer.

As you know we have 2 years of experience as a software engineer, but when first time we wants to start making an android app we are very lake of practice. The last time we wrote any good java code was in my second year college. So I basically we started with a very blank slate equally for both the platforms.

Experience with Android Basic Learning

In short we were able to learn android development very fast in fact with the speed of the twice on comparison with iOS . with android we started experiment with reading pdfs, following tutorials for just creating a test apps and after that we can easily implement all the basic functions which are needed. After a few weeks we are able to develop android apps without felling any kind of the hesitation.

Experience with iOS Basic Learning

And with iOS we started the same procedure as android but it took more than two weeks of experimentation before we felt our self comfortable to start the initial app code base. Our maximum time was spent in finding all the intricacies of the core data APIs. Learning how to install and centrally manage Persistent store coordinators and manage object contexts It was very difficult to supporting more than one accounts within the app. And even more time was spent on the developing a scalable architecture for Result controllers fetching, that baked the task tables, category and queues that user would manipulate and view. We ust wasted another 4 weeks before we could comfortably coding on iOS.


What you have read above is our scenario of experiencing both the platforms. and i can surely tell you that it is very hard to learn iOS platform as compare to the android app Platform. Al you need is just a basic knowledge of the java core. There are many more functionality over the other mobile platforms for developing, and we will discuss in the further blog.

So we discussed these things to you because when we started developing for mobile platform that was the first questions which were came from our mind. So we share this thought with you and, now I am sure you should answer your own questions which are raised in your mind.