How to Setup a mobile hotspot on any Android Phone

As we all are using Android mobile nowadays and it makes many tasks very easy for us like calling, listening to music, capturing images, and sharing all the things from one to another. and for sharing files or internet one of the fastest way is by creating the mobile hotspot. So today we are going to learn about how to create a mobile wifi hotspot.

We are going to make it very simple. And the reality is that your device is run on stock Android, or something very nearer to it, you surely have seen wifi hotspot button on your Android device. Particularly in the quick setting where it is given by default on the Android device of android lollipop or more latest

The truth is that the button in the quick setting is the fastest way to create or turn on or turn off your mobile hotspot. But before using that mobile hotspot button, you need to configure it

For going to Android mobile hotspot setup

Head to your main system Settings.

Now Open Tethering and portable hotspot.

After that Tap on Setup Wi-Fi hotspot.


Android mobile hotspot ssid

Write-down a Network name. This is what you know as your SSID, and it will be visible to everyone around you so that you can have fun, but don’t be rough. Let’s use “USA123” for today.

After that, you can select a security type. I do highly recommend WPA2 PSK( until AES not available), but you also can choose None, if you have the internet with unlimited plan 😉

Pretending you have made the secure choice above, if yes then you can enter a password. This password is used for others to enter on their device to let them connect. You can provide it to your friend and family. Repeat being harsh is a bad idea.

So if you have done till that then the Hard part is over, now what you need is turn on the service. There is a very handy toggle button to turn your service on in the settings; you also can use the quick settings.  And “ttadddddaaaaaaa” you are done with creating the mobile wifi hotspot. For future, you just have to go to quick settings and use that tiny button for activating or deactivating mobile hotspot.