Android Design Support Library

Android is became more popular mobile OS among global users. One of the reason may ,it is updated day by day. Every year of Google I/O  event some new feature is launch. So Android is being INNOVATIVE day by day.

So to support new features for  latest platform of android .there are many new stuffs for the android developers are announced during the Google I/O Events.

During Google I/O 2014, they announced MATIRIAL DESIGN which is known as most major update of android till now. Material design refreshed UI of android. So there are many design components for developers perspective are introduced under material design.

Android Support Design Library introduced new design components .Here we are going to  exploring whole series about Android Support Design Library.

So this Series have below parts and we will explore it with functionalise and example.

  • Snakbarli>
  • Floting lable for Edit textli>
  • NavigationViewli>
  • CoordinatorLayout li>
  • AppBarLayoutli>
  • Collapsing Toolbarsli>
  • TabLayoutli>

to Use all the components first of all we have to add dependency in gradle file for design  library.
Add a below line to include design support library in gradle file:

compile ‘’

Please stay tuned and get ready  in this series to explore awesomeness of new design!