5 Things You Must Know About Kotlin (Now Supported by Android)

Things You Must Know About Kotlin

We all know that Google has announced that they would start supporting an entirely new language for android developers In may At Google’s annual event I/O 2017. And they call that language Kotlin. Kotlin, the modern all-purpose programming language which was developed by JetBrains. You heard that right, JetBrains is the company by whom most popular Java IDE- IntelliJ IDEA. The most exciting thing is that Kotlin compiles to the JVM(Java Virtual Machine) bytecode. It can, So it can be used side-by-side with Java.

1. Kotlin is Open-Source

Things started when developers of JetBrains were bored and tired of Java’s loquacity-they actually wanted a more pointed language which was compatible with the Java. But they did the great thing while developing it, instead of developing internally they chose to open-source it.

And I am happy to tell you that Kotlin has profited immensely by getting the feedback from huge Java community and from being opensource.

2. With Kotlin You Write Less Code

The main reason for developing Kotlin is, in Java, you have to write very long codes if you know about Android Design Support library‘s code. in other hand kotlin compiler can understand better and write very long portion of code by itself. Developers believe that you have to write at least 20 to 25% less code in kotlin.

Its boilerplate code is reduced drastically with the use of Kotlin. And it is also good with type interface. Here is the Example by which you can understand how much time you can save. |

3. Google’s Support Gave Life To Kotlin

When Google announced in It’s I/O annual summit 2017, that Kotlinto is authorized supported language for Android. Kotlin really gets a new life.

We all know that developing android apps with the Kotlin was possible, but there was the risk to do that. Because, if Google made any changes in the android app structure which are not supported by the Kotlin than language could face a lot of bugs, and there are the most percentage of chances that android app will not work any longer. But now Google has announced it all the fears of not working on Kotlin is gone. Nowadays developers are giving much amount of time for learning Kotlin.

4. 100% Interoperability With Javap>Kotlin and Java are two very similar languages. Kotlin has 100% interoperability with Java. You can have the codes from both Java and Kotlin in the same project, and they will compile correctly.

Post compilation it would be difficult for you to tell the parts developed in Kotlin and the parts developed in Java separately. If you have been working on a Java project, you can start working with Kotlin without starting afresh. When you work with Kotlin, you get the benefit of vast Java commands, Java libraries and Java frameworks which you can easily use in your Kotlin project.

5) Easy Learning Curvep>Most amazing thing about Kotlin is that it’s very easy to learn. It is the most friendly language, and it can be learned in very less time just by reading the reference of language especially if you know JAVA. Provided with a strong & spontaneous syntax, it is intended for Java developers.

Kotlin is basically inspired by several existing languages such as C#, Java, Scala, JavaScript, and Groovy. kotlin language was designed to assure that people can learn it fast and also can read and write code of kotlin in very least amount of time, and believe me it’s very simple language to learn